Woodburning & Multi-Fuel Stoves

Woodburning & Multi-Fuel Stoves

Firecraft Fireplaces are a HETAS registered company and specialise in Wood and Multi Fuel Fires and Stoves. We specialise is supply and fit as we have 3 HETAS registered installers who are fully employed by us. 

Stoves are technical pieces of furniture that need to be installed by a competent person HETAS (the solid fuel equivalent to CORGI) assess and train companies to install solid fuel appliances to current building regulations. Once the correct appliance has been chosen and installed and the correct chimney parts used the installer can then 'sign off' the installation giving you a certificate. You will need this certificate when a) you sell your house or b) if you have an insurance claim caused by the stove or its installation.

Due to recent very high gas and electric fuel charges, we have seen a large increase in interest in converting to a Wood Burner Stove to reduce household running costs. Wood Burner Stoves are environmentally friendly as they are carbon neutral.

We offer a massive range of brands ranging from; Clearview, Stovax, Dovre, Yeoman, Esse, Faber, log fire, penman, fire fox, dimplex, pevex to name just a few. 

The pictures in this section are only a small minority of stoves we offer as we are currently updating the website 

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Riva F40 Freestanding Riva F40 Freestanding Riva 66 multi-fuel stove Riva 66 inset Riva 66 multi-fuel stove Riva 16 open fronted Riva open fronted Brunel 2CB Brunel 1 CB Brunel 1 CB Brunel 2CB Brunel multi-fuel stove Huntington 40 Huntington 40 multi-fuel Stockton 11 Stockton 11 Stockton 11 Sheraton Sheraton Wood Burning Stove Huntington 25 shown with a solid oak wood surround Yeoman EXE woodburning stove Riva 66 Stockton 5 wood burning stove Yeoman Exe Multi-fuel Stovax Huntington 35 woodburning Yeoman EXE woodburning stove Dovre 640CB Stockton 7 inset Convector Stove Wood Store Eddington Langbrook Langbrook Wescott 8 Selborne Wescott 5 Wescott Inset Wescott 12 Dovre 250 Astroline 360 3CB 2510 CASSETTE 350CB 700 2400 Dovre 640 vintage 30 Vintage 50 760CB Stockton Double Sided Devon CL5 CL8 EXE single Door Exmoor County Esse 100 Esse 200 Esse Inset Esse 500C Esse 525 Esse 700 Esse 700 Boiler Stove Esse 125 Dorve 4CB